Fatma Refaat l-Fattah Ahmed

Fatma Refaat l-Fattah Ahmed

Alexandria University, Egypt

Title: Factors contributing to nosocomial anemia in the critically ill patients


Fatma Refaat l-Fattah Ahmed has completed her MSC at the age of 27 years from Alexandria University and now she is about finishing her PhD from Alexandria University Faculty of Nursing. She is an assistant lecturer, Critical Care & Emergency Nursing Department-Faculty of Nursing Alexandria University. She has published more than 2 papers in reputed journals


Background; Nosocomial anemia in critically ill patients may be the result of a variety of causes including RBCs losses and insufficient RBCs production. Therefore, critical care nurses should prevent nosocomial anemia through identifying the risk factors group, minimizing the factors contributing to nosocomial anemia, using of blood conservation strategies in the ICU, and monitoring of oxygen status as well as hematological one. Aim of this study was to identify factors contributing to nosocomial anemia in the critically ill patients. Methods; three tools were used for data collection. Tool one "Factors contributing to nosocomial anemia assessment", tool two "Indicators of nosocomial anemia" and tool three "Estimation of blood loss volume tool". Results of the study; more than three-quarters of the studied patients developed nosocomial anemia (76.9%) by the third day while the rest of them did not develop nosocomial anemia. Conclusion; Critically ill patients were highly susceptible for exposure of multiple iatrogenic factors which can contribute to nosocomial anemia during ICU stay. The volume of blood withdrawn for laboratory tests and malnutrition are among the factors that contribute to nosocomial anemia in the critically ill patients. Keywords: Nosocomial Anemia - Critically Ill Patients