Schwarzwald Baar Klinikum Villingen Schwenningen, Germany

Title: Special aspects on migrants´ "psycho-socio-medical health" in pediatric surgical patients


Andreas FETTE has been graduated from the University of Mainz, Germany as Medical Doctor in 1993. Later he specialized in Surgery and Pediatric Surgery after many years of training in several pediatric surgical training centers worldwide. In 2009 he obtained his professorship from the University of Pecs, Medical School, Hungary. He has a great interest in child safety and child protection issues. Presently he is working as a consultant pediatric surgeon in the Black Forest area.


The ongoing globalization and constantly increasing world wide mobility within the pediatric community in the past, in coincidence with the actual refugee crisis situation, are putting new demands on our pediatric surgical health care systems, worldwide. Why ? Because, they are forcing us pediatric surgeons not only to pay attention on our best medical and surgical performance, like in the past, quite contrary, they are forcing us to pay even more attention to "new"psycho-socio-medical aspects like finance, rehabilitation, socialization & integration, culture, management & logisitics, health education and language skills. Quite unpleasant, but nevertheless important "new'' aspects, we pediatric surgeons did not hear so much about during our training so far. But, such aspects nowadays do have a major impact on the medical-surgical course and recovery of our individual patient. Therefore, they might be considered as a "Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)-like syndrome" in the near future and treated accordingly. Then, solving this problem as soon as possible, would be essential for the future survival of any of our health care systems in the world.