Fred Williams III

Fred Williams III

University of Missouri

Title: Diagnostic approach to abortion in domestic species


Fred Williams III completed his undergraduate education at Tuskegee University and continued in the veterinary school there at Tuskegee to become a member of the class of 2001. He started a residency at the University of Missouri in 2002 and continued following the completion of his residency as a faculty instructor. Currently, he is at the University of Missouri as an Associate Professor in Pathobiology with a primary focus on clinical education of professional students and diagnostic work for the Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Lab at the University of Missouri. He has special interests in pathogenesis and exotic animal diseases.


Abortion losses can be a major loss for domestic animal producers. In some cases, nearly a year of preparation and great expense may be lost in an abortion. There are a number of infectious, toxicologic, and non-infectious causes for termination of or unsuccessful reproductive outcome of gestation. We will explore some of the common infectious causes based on species and typical diagnostic approaches used to identify a specific etiology. With potential emphasis on the discussion of zoonotic potential of several pathogens. Typical necropsy procedures particular to the fetal necropsy will be discussed. Additionally, typical complications to the identification of a potential etiology for abortion/stillbirth will be discussed.

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