Frits Goedegebuur

Frits Goedegebuur

DuPont Industrial Biosciences, The Netherlands

Title: IPE - Industrial protein engineering: Accelerated evolution


Frits Goedegebuur started in industrial biotechnology in 1988 at Gist Brocades and is now, via Genencor International (1995), Danisco (2005), working for DuPont Industrial Biosciences (2011) as Senior Scientist. He is a member of DuPont’s R&D management team and is project leader of a global protein engineering research project. He has filed ~120 patents, of which ~60 patents have been granted.


Historically, the protein design process has been approached as equivalent to the problem of finding in all of protein space the one best sequence for a single property. For accelerated evolution, the problem to be solved is to identify at least one protein sequence that meets or exceeds the minimum value required for a number of properties. Protein engineered proteins came about through accumulation of point mutations that were not deleterious for any important property. Using the “Super-screen” process, we can determine all those mutations in a matter of weeks for any protein for all important properties. Combining these mutations in the proper way can rapidly produce a protein with all desired properties.