Gülbahar Korkmaz Aslan

Gülbahar Korkmaz Aslan

Pamukkale University, Turkey

Title: Insomnia and its risk factors in older adults: A community-based study


Gulbahar Korkmaz Aslan has completed her PhD at Hacettepe University, Turkey. She is currently working as an Assistant Professor at Pamukkale University, Turkey. She has published over 15 publications that have been cited over 50 times, and her publication H-index is 3.



The aim of the study is to determine insomnia and its risk factors in older adults. A cross-sectional study was conducted. The study was carried out in 16 family health centers in Denizli city center. The participants were a convenience sample of 360 community-welling older adults aged 60 years and older was selected from five family health centers. Individuals admitted to these family health centers for any reason between April 2016-June 2015 were enrolled. The eligibility criteria for the study were age 60 years or older with no apparent communicative or cognitive impairment problems, willingness to participate in the study. The data were collected using insomnia severity index and demographic information and health-related characteristics form. Number, percentage, mean, standard deviation, t test and one-way variance analysis used in the analysis of data. The mean age of the participants was 68.35±5.80 years, 60% were women, and 67.3% were graduates of primary school. More than half of them (68.51) were married. It was determined that 34.4% of the elderly had insomnia. Mean score of the students obtained from Insomnia Severity Index was 8.51±5.56 (Min.0, Max. 28). The average score of Insomnia Severity Index Scale of the older adults who were unmarried, illiterate, low income, living with children, multiple chronic illnesses and multiple drug users and those with bad health perceptions was significantly higher. Older peoples should be asked whether they are getting enough sleep and feel well rested during the day. All patients with complaints of sleep difficulties should undergo a detailed sleep history regarding the nature of the sleep complaint and possible contributing factors.