I am a associate professor in Public Health Nursing, in the Tunceli University Health High School in Turkey. I completed my master and doctorate program Hacettepe University Faculty of Health Science in Ankara, Turkey. My academic background and work experience as a Nurse-Researcher has enabled me to develop a range of skills. Accordingly I have been in Prato Hospital in Italy-Florence for 3 months and US-Wisconsin Madison University for 3 months. My research focuses on motivational interviewing for smoking cessation, improving congnitive function of the elderly, prevention of substance use in adolescent period and women health.


Objective: To evaluate reproductive health and influencing factors of female student who staying a dormitory of credit and dormitories agency. Methods: This descriptive type of research was conducted in a dormitory with 465 female students between June 20 to 25, 2015 period. Research data were collected with face to face interview technique using genital health status of female students and ınfluencing factor questionnaires. The obtained data were analyzed on SPSS database using number, percentages and Chi-square significance test. Results: The students whose average age is 1.74+21:42 stated that 60.6% of them take a bath once a week, 41.2% of them change their underwear twice a week, 18.7% of them don’t take bath during menstruation and 47.5% of them use daily pad. It was seen that 72.7% of the students didn’t wash their hands before entering to toilet and 38.5% of them didn’t make their genital area cleaninig properly. In the last one year period when students stay at dormitory, students expressed that 69.7% of them experienced burning and pain while urinating, 72.9% of them experienced the problem of itchy vaginal discharge like white cheese cut, 20.9% of them stated expreincing the problem of foul-smelling discharge with green-yellow color; the majority of students who have vaginal discharge expressed that they didn’t go to doctor. Conclusion: It was seen that the girls remaining in the dormitory had some problems related genital health and hygiene.

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