Gaganpreet Khaira is a Nurse Practitioner in Mental Health and Primary Care in Victoria, Australia. She has an extensive experience in psychiatry working across various psychiatric settings. Besides the clinical work, her passion lies in teaching and providing coaching and mentorship to other nurses. She also delivers lectures at the Monash University and is involved in various health care improvement projects.



Nurse practitioners’ align their practice within the nursing philosophy utilizing their advanced skills and extensions to practice and expect to be recognized as advanced practitioners in the nursing field. But the boundaries are blurred as their roles often cross roads with medical profession making it harder for most NPs to understand and describe their professional identity in a health care system. This affects the nurses’ transition into their new role as NP and can lead to feeling isolated in a multidisciplinary team. The roles of mentors, coach and teachers has been found valuable in assisting NPs adjust with their role identity and professional socialization. This study aims to discuss the available literature and studies into this area and utilize presenter’s personal experience to assist new or aspiring NPs to achieve and maintain professional identity and gain work satisfaction.