Galya Naydenova Atanasova

Galya Naydenova Atanasova

Medical University Pleven, Bulgaria

Title: Genetic markers of coronary artery disease risk


Galya Naydenova Atanasova has completed her PhD training in Cardiology from Department of Cardiology, Pulmonology and Endocrinology at Medical University Pleven, Bulgaria. She has done PhD in Cardiology, and is a Cardiologist, General Practitioner and Assistant Professor at Pleven Medical University, Bulgaria. She has attended many international events and presented her research work. She did many researches on metabolic syndrome, myocardial infarction and genetic markers. She also serves on several national and international committees. She has served on the Editorial Board of International Journal of Clinical Cardiology, etc. She was nominated by the Foundation Photon for research contributions with Academic Excellence Award-2015.


Using genetic biomarkers to estimate risk for CAD is more straightforward than using non-genetic ones because the former can be measured almost without error and do not vary in an individual over time. We analyzed 99 (60 men and 39 women) with CAD and 377 controls for a potential correlation of the CYP2J2 G-50T.44 are smokers, 92 are hypertonics and 25 with type 2 diabetes. 96 of these 99 patients were tested for the presence of CYP2C8. The deviation of allele polymorphism was CYP2J2*7 and CYP2C8*3 respectively according to Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium. The frequency of the T allele was calculated too via the χ2 test. The distribution of T allele (CYP2C8*3, p=0.7901 and p=0.0670 CYP2J2*7) shows a high degree of probability close to Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium. The p-values CYP2C8*3, p=0.6189, CYP2J2*7, p =0.1684 did not show a significant relationship between T allele for the polymorphisms and heredity. The results of the association between the presence of the T allele and type 2 diabetes respectively CYP2J2*7 (p=0.3081) and CYP2C8*3 (p=0.4491) shows that there is not an association between type 2 diabetes and CAD among T allele CYP2J2*7 carriers. The one-way ANOVA test showed a difference in average height only for men with and without T allele in CYP2C8*3 (p=0. 0272). Results showed that CYP2C8*3 is more important for the occurrence of CAD compared with CYP2J2*7 in the study. This study encourages belief that CAD prediction will be enhanced by the inclusion of genotype information.

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