Girish Sogi Malleshappa

Maharishi Markandeswar University, India

Title: Bio-Medical waste (Management & Handling) rules 1998- A guide to practioner



Duration required; 30 – 40 minutes. It is about a decade and half since Bio-medical Rules were made applicable in India. There was no concept of Health care waste management (HCWM) in India before 1998.Implementation was expected within a time but extended up to December 2002; most of the health care institution and facilities are still to lay scientifically acceptable systems. One of the reason for this is occupiers (Health care facilities) remain ill-informed about the steps and rules involved in devising a proper systems. Contents list; 1. Introduction 2. Overall Impact of Bio-Medical waste on Public health. 3. Sources of Bio-Medical waste. 4. Generation & Composition. 5. Treatment and disposal technologies. 6. Bio-Medical waste (Management & Handling) Rules. 7. Bio-Medical Waste management in Dentistry. 8. Conclusion.