Gunnar Glauco De Cunto Taets

Gunnar Glauco De Cunto Taets

Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Title: Evaluation of a biomarker of pain for patients in a coma undergoing nursing intervention bath bed


Gunnar Glauco De Cunto Taets has completed his Doctoral Degree two years ago from Federal University of State of Rio de Janeiro. Also, he has a PhD Degree from Lorenz University and a Master Degree in Nursing beyond more four Post Graduations. He is an Intensive Care and Oncology Nurse at National Cancer Institute of Brazil and Professor at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.


Objective: To determine whether patients in a coma hospitalized in an intensive care unit feel pain when subjected to bath nursing intervention in bed. Method: This is a quasi-experimental research which were collected 25 samples of which perform quantitative analysis of substance P (SP) in saliva by ELISA and correlated with clinical signs and signic. Results: You can tell that there is evidence that when we take care of patients in a coma or add provoke painful stimuli by an increase in score of Behavioral Pain Scale with Δ=1.0 (p=0.0001221) and the score on the scale for Changes facial with Δ=1.0 (p<0.0001). The Spearman correlation test showed that there is a correlation between the SP variables and blood pressure (r=1.000). Conclusion: Our findings suggest that SP may be considered a biomarker of pain for the patient in a coma.