Hadeel AlSajjan and Khalid Jamaan Alzahrani

Hadeel AlSajjan and Khalid Jamaan Alzahrani

King Saud Universiy- King Khalid Universiy Hospital, Saudi Arabia

Title: Breast Cosmetic Surgeries among Saudi Muslim Females: A Religious Point of View


Hadeel AlSajjan is currently a medical intern at King Khalid University Hospital, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. She graduated with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor Surgery (MBBS) with honors in May 2015. She is interested in Plastic and Reconstructive surgery and hopes to become a surgeon, researcher and teacher with the aim of innovating and adding value to the field.


The effect of Islamic rulings concerning plastic surgery on Saudi women’s decision-making and reasons of refusal to undergo cosmetic procedures has been a main concern of the cosmetic surgery field. Th e goal of this study is to identify the association between the religious status of Saudi women and its eff ect on their view of breast cosmetic procedures. Th is study was held in2012, at King Khalid University Hospital (KKUH), located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It is a cross sectional study performed on 612 Saudi muslim women, each of whom fi lled out a questionnaire form. Th e women were classified according to demographic characteristics, educational level and religious commitment. Th e questions were structured in order to assess decision making from a religious point of view. Opinions of Saudi muslim women regarding breast cosmetic procedures were defi nite against breast enhancement, however; they were circumstantial or conditionally approved when it came to breast reduction and mastopexy aft er pregnancy or lactation. For undergoing such procedures, religion, age, educational level, marital status and other predictors defi nitely had a direct impact on the acceptance or refusal of breast plastic surgeries. Th e religious group hadhigh self- esteem, life satisfaction, no depression, low rate of media watching and less likelihood for undergoing breast surgeries as apposed to the non-religious group. To conclude, the nature of the breast cosmetic procedure and reasons behind choosing to undergo one certainly influences Saudi women’s religious view and acceptance of breast cosmetic surgery.