Hadeel Saud Alshubaili

King Saud University Medical City, Saudi Arabia

Title: Sports nutrition for females and its effect on health


Hadeel Saud Alshubaili has graduated from King Saud University, Saudi Arabia. She is the Dietitian of Metabolic and Genetics. She is certified Spinning Trainer and a Gym Instructor, she has participated in many conferences locally and internationally as a speaker.



Good nutrition will help the athletes train hard, recover quickly and adapt more effectively with less of illness or injury. Nutritional strategies need to be adopted before, during and after training to help maximize performance. Water accounts for approximately 60% of the average person’s body weight  and it varies with muscle mass, age & hydration status. Fluid loss of as little as 2% can cause early fatigue, impair performance, increase cardiac stress and increase risk of heat illness. Proper hydration is necessary before, during and after the training.

Type of diet followed by the female athletes according to life style and goals are: keto diet , low carb diet , vegan , vegetarian and paleo diet. Proteins, amino acids supplement required by the female athletes such as whey protein, casein during the pre or post workout can be covered by regular food.

The benefits of physical activity (sports) along with proper nutrition in women’s health are: T2DM (Type 2 diabetes mellitus), osteoporosis, mental health and cardiac health.