Hae Won Kim has been the Professor from Seoul National University College of Nursing. She is Director of the Research Institute of Nursing Science, Seoul National University, and she has been Editor in chief for Journal of Korean Academy of Nursing (indexed in SSCI) since 2014 and Perspectives in Nursing Science (published by Research Institute of Nursing Science, Seoul National University) since 2013.


Human papillomavirus (HPV) awareness among the Korean population was low. This study was performed to develop the program that prevents HPV for the Korean University students. The program was assumed that HPV prevention should be applied to men and women. Eight 50 minute sessions program consisted of pathological aspect, individual cognitive aspect, and interpersonal & social aspect to embrace the multiple attributes to prevent HPV effectively. The methodologies of the program were included lecture, small group discussion, and practice. The main component of the program were information, motivation and behaviors based on the information-motivation-behavioral (IBM) model; in specific, HPV facts, HPV prevention methods, sexual rights, prejudice of the HPV infection, sexual autonomy, gender equal attitude, for both genders. Experts in the HPV prevention confirmed the content validity for this program. A small group discussion could enable the University students to get close and to break their prejudice toward the opposite genders. In addition, their intention to prevent HPV would be enhanced. This prevention program would be useful for the University male and female students to be aware of HPV and to improve their intention to prevent HPV. The short term and long term effects of HPV prevention program will be necessary.

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