Haifa Hamad Alrashid

Haifa Hamad Alrashid

Haifa Alrashid Clinic, Saudi Arabia

Title: Social networking impact on dental practice


Haifa Hamad Alrashid had her education in King Saud university, Riyadh, after bachelor she finished 2 years of training in pediatric dentistry and special need children and then had her master’s degree in the same specialty. She had a training program in orthodontics in Arhus University in Denmark. She is doing her PhD thesis on stem cells in Salamanca University, Spain.


Statement of the Problem: As social media has become such a pervasive part of our lives, we as dentists and dental educators should work on the positive impact that social media has on the society and dental students. This study was based on the available literature studying the fact that due to the emergence of Web2, dental practitioners notice the importance of building a new kind of relationship with their patients using the communicative language used in social media and building a bond of loyalty and trust that makes this tool the most important in build a great reputation and higher number of followers and hence a successful practice. How to apply these finding on a sample taken from the authors main social media platform and discussing some striking feedbacks from the followers might give a new wider vision to help advance your social platform to the maximum advantage. Apart from the importance of the social media on education, your platform as an educator and or dental service provider can be considered now days the main patient source.