Hamdan Mohammad Albaqawi

Hamdan Mohammad Albaqawi

University of Hail, Saudi Arabia

Title: Pain management in Hail region hospitals in Saudi Arabia


Hamdan Mohammad Albaqawi has completed his PhD from RMIT University School of Nursing and Midwifery in Australia. He is currently working in the University of Hail as an Assistant Professor and acting as the Head of Academic Affairs in the College of Nursing. He has worked in many hospitals in Saudi Arabia and attended many courses and participated in some international conferences.


Background: Pain is a human experience that aff ects overall quality of life and it is known to be the most common reason for people seeking healthcare. Nurses play a crucial role in assessing and managing patients’ pain. Eff ective pain management requires precise knowledge, attitudes and competent assessment skills. Knowledge defi cits and inappropriate attitudes are major contributing factors to the under-treatment of pain.

Materials & Methods: Th is descriptive mixed-methods study samples local and expatriate nurses working in Hail region hospitals. Th e study involves administering a questionnaire to a sample of 303 nurses to ascertain their knowledge and attitudes regarding pain management ‘Knowledge and Attitudes Survey Regarding Pain’ (KASRP).

Results: In this study, the average correct response rate to the various questions was 41.75 percent with rates ranging from 5-87 percent. Th e fi ndings indicate inadequate knowledge regarding pain, pain assessment, pain management and pain medications.

Recommendations: Th is study recommends increased education regarding pain management as well as an annual assessment of skills for all clinical nurses. Th e expertise gained in training programs could be enhanced through workshops and courses that are conducted on a regular basis in order to keep nurses’ knowledge up to date.

Conclusion: Th e results of this study indicate problems in nurses’ knowledge and negative attitudes regarding pain and pain management. Educational and training enhancements should be implemented to correct these defi ciencies.

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