Sandhu completed his Ph.D. from University of Ottawa and specialty training in periodontics from Loma Linda University. He has been Director of Schulich Dentistry from 2004-2014. He has published over sixty papers in International journals and is a well sought out speaker for continuing dental education in periodontics.


Periodontitis is a chronic inflammatory disease of the surrounding structures of teeth. Elevated blood glucose level has a profound effect on progression of periodontitis and results in advance bone loss, deep periodontal pockets and premature loss of teeth. On the other hand, moderate to severe periodontal disease elevates blood sugar levels in the body; increasing the amount of time the body has to function with high blood sugar levels. Sustained high blood glucose levels results in non-enzymatic conjugation of proteins and lipids forming Advanced Glycated End products (AGE ). Receptors of AGE have been identified on cells involved in immune response to bacterial challenges. Binding of AGE to receptors on monocytes, PMNs and macrophages result in production of high levels of inflammatory mediators. Obesity and family history of type II diabetes are risk factors for development of high blood sugar level especially in females. This presentation will describe clinical and radiographic findings in periodontal patients affected by high blood sugar level. Management of these cases will be discussed.