Haya M Al Ayadi

Haya M Al Ayadi

King Saud University, Saudi Arabia

Title: Health economics: Role of economics in health and health care


Haya M Al Ayadi has completed two major Masters in Health System and Quality Management and the second in Dental Public Health. Currently, she is a PhD candidate researching in Oral Health Related Quality of life Measures. She is an Academic in King Saud Universty, also Head of quality in the dental care department.


The disease distribution has increased world widely. Thus, the trend has changed from communicable disease to non-communicable disease. The change was along with an increase in life expectancy. All these led to a steep increase in disease burden on governments’ economics. On the other hand, the over spending’s of governments’ on health aided also in increasing burden of disease instead of reducing it, according to the concept of supply induce demand. This lecture is aiming to illustrate the role of economics in health care from a public health prospective and address the efficient use of economics in both health and health care.