Heinz Roland Jakobi

Heinz Roland Jakobi

University of São Paulo, Brazil

Title: Brucella species in human in Rondonia in the Brazilian Amazon


Heinz Roland Jakobi has graduated from the Federal University of Parana and obtained his Postgraduate degree from the Institute of Biological Sciences, University of São Paulo [ICB/USP] in Human Brucellosis research line. He is a Doctor of Health Sciences at UNB and Professor of Saint Luke School. He is a Former President of the National Association of Occupational Medicine Sectional Rondonia and Founding President of the Association of Gynecology, Obstetrics of Rondonia, the Spiritist Medical Association of Rondonia and Founding Member of Rondoniense Academy of Letters. He is also a former Treasurer of Rondonia Regional Medical Council and a Member of the Academy of Medicine of Rondonia and Rondonia Academy of Letters.


Brucellosis is a universal and re-emerging anthropozoonosis caused by bacteria of the genus Brucella spp., of the ten recognized species of Brucella spp., four are pathogenic to humans; melitensis, suis, abortus and canis. According to some authors to B. melitensis is not found in Brazil. The Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) is a method for exponential amplification of DNA that permits the rapid and sensitive identification of Brucella genus, the species level biovar. The Real Time Multiplex PCR is an efficient and accurate method. In Brazil there is no scientific research to determine these species in humans. The Amazon region has not owned epidemiological data and Rondonia is endemic illness and compulsory health notification being recorded cases due to the presence of infected cattle. Objective is to investigate the species of Brucella which focus on humans in Rondonia using the Real Time Multiplex PCR. It is an observational prospective cohort study of human brucellosis in Rondonia analyzing human sera with positive laboratory tests [Rose Bengal and ELISA] analyzed the state of Rondonia Central Laboratory [LACEN-RO] with rebuttal at the Institute Adolf Lutz [IAL-SP]. Samples mishandled sera will be deleted. The data collected will be subjected to analysis in Microsoft Office Excel® spreadsheet and IBM SPSS Statistics Standard version 20®.