Herni Susanti is a practising nurse, educator and researcher in mental health nursing. She obtained a Bachelor degree in Nursing from the Faculty of Nursing, University of Indonesia in 1998. She also obtained a Master degree in Nursing from the Curtin University of Technology, Australia in 2005. After completing her first degree, she started working as a lecturer of mental health nursing in the Faculty of Nursing, Universitas Indonesia. She has completed her PhD from the University of Manchester UK in the late 2015.  


One of the major issues of mental health provision in Indonesia is related to services for carers of people with serious mental illnesses. Very basic and limited services have been offered to the carers. Understanding the needs of Indonesian carers is of key importance before developing appropriate interventions for them.

The study is one of series of PhD study, aimed for exploring the needs of carers from mental health hospital services in Indonesia from the perspectives of carers and service users.  Focus groups with carers and service users were undertaken to explore the needs of Indonesian carers and how mental health hospital services could help to meet those needs. In total, 9 focus groups were conducted, seven with carers (n=33) and two with service users (n=13). All carer and service user participants were recruited from two government mental health hospitals in the capital city of Indonesia. The data were analysed by using framework analysis (Ritchie and Spencer 1994), and resulted in four themes: experiences in caregiving, carer needs from mental health hospital services, current support for carers, and recommendations for service improvement. The findings were valuable resources to aid in the design of a need-based and culturally sensitive intervention for carers in the country.