Hiroaki Sasai received PhD from Keio University and joined Sagami Chemical Research Institute in 1985. He was appointed as an Assistant Professor at Hokkaido University (1988-1992) and as a Lecturer and an Associate Professor at the University of Tokyo (1992-1997). Since 1997, he is a Professor of Osaka University. He has published more than 200 papers in reputed journals and received several awards including the Fluka Prize “Reagent of the Year 1996”, the Chemical Society of Japan Award for Creative Work (2006), Molecular Chirality Award (2011), and Synthetic Organic Chemistry Award, Japan (2016).


Highly efficient [n+2] type annulations have been realized utilizing chiral organocatalysis. Densely functionalized optically active heterocycles having tetrasubstituted carbon stereogenic center were synthesized from allenoate derivatives with either ketimine derivatives or symmetrical dienones. Among the organocatalysts we examined, -ICD1 showed high enantioselectivity for [2+2] annulation2 and (R)-SITCP3 was effective to [4+2]4 and [3+2]5 annulations.