Ho-Shong Hou has worked for three years as a Hydraulic Laboratory Director and Chief Research Engineer. In 1976, he has received his PhD in Civil and Coastal Engineering at the University of Florida. He has then worked as the Director of the Graduate Institute of Harbor and Ocean Engineering at the National Taiwan Ocean University and as an Adjunct Professor of the Institute of Naval Architecture at National Taiwan University. He subsequently became the Deputy Director of the Harbor Research Institute in Taichung and become the Division Director of the Institute of Transportation of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, for a total of 12 years. In 1995, he was promoted to Director-General of Department of Railways and Highways within the MOTC. In light of his outstanding engineering and administration background and achievements he was in December 1998 invited by Mayor of Kaohsiung to serve as Deputy Mayor. He was also subsequently appointed to the position of Chief Commissioner of the Kaohsiung City Election Commission. He is a Registered Civil and Hydraulic Engineer and an active Member of American Society of Civil Engineers. He was the President of PACON (2002-2008) International and a Life Member (2006).


Kaohsiung port collects steel and metal processing industry, shipbuilding, mold, machinery, green energy and biotechnology industries and other competitive industries. The port has the most advanced multi-layer refrigerated logistics warehousing equipment with airports can be developed into an international logistics cold chain product storage and delivery center and the transportation of Kaohsiung is convenient linking the processing zones and high economic crop areas. Therefore, it is quite convenient for importing raw materials or exporting products. In addition, the routes of Kaohsiung are intensive, could become an important transit hub in the Asia-Pacific region. It is advantage of Kaohsiung hub port. The future orientation of Taiwan's ports is towards international development. According to the natural conditions and transportation system of the port, the cargo throughput of Kaohsiung Harbor accounts for about one-half of the total port cargo throughput. Therefore, the best hub port development area is Kaohsiung Harbor. Kaohsiung port should be based on the port capacity needs to seek more development in the future. Such as the deep water port program for larger cargo ships, the maritime airport program to minimize the impact of land-based pollution and the establishment of a vessel traffic management system to ensure vessel safety.