Hogr O Pirdawood

Hogr O Pirdawood

Gas Treatment Plant (GTP) Laboratory and Water Treatment Unit (RO System), Iraq

Title: Determination of relationship between pH and acid loading in gas treatment plant (amine unit)


Hogr O Pirdawood has his expertise in the Gas Treatment Plant (GTP) Laboratory and water Treatment Unit (RO System) with responsibility as a Laboratory Manager. He has done his Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and currently he is a Master’s student at Bingol University –Turkey. He has some other research about Determination of H2S in Sweet Gas Manually.


A method for determining the concentration of acid-gases in an amine-regeneration system, such as it is typically found in a natural gas refining plant or in this case: Acid gas coming from middle conversion, having a device for measuring the pH of the system from which the concentration of the acid-gases complexes and the amine can be calculated using an empirically-derived relationship between acid-gas  concentration and  pH. The research also includes a system for controlling amine regeneration based upon the above described determining method.

In the above graph you will see the lean amine pH Vs. Total Acid loading. This area dominated by the balance between the neutralization of H2S, CO2 capture and reaction of the amine as alkaline species can be predicted the close relationship it has with the pH of the solution and acid loading.