Hossam E. Elbarbary

Hossam E. Elbarbary

Alexandria University, Egypt

Title: Basic principles of the orbital surgery and the orbital surgical approaches


Hossam E Elbarbary completed his Graduation in 2001; Master’s degree in Ophthalmology in 2006; MD and PhD in 2011 at Alexandria University, Egypt. He is a Lecturer and Staff university member in Ophthalmology department at Alexandria Medical School. He is a Consultant of Orbit, Lid and Lacrimal Surgery at Alexandria University Hospitals.


This presentation will highlight and review the basic principles and important concepts for any orbital surgeon. Before undertaking any surgery in the orbit, a thorough knowledge of the normal eye lid and orbital anatomy is essential. Thorough understanding of CT and MRI is a must. One should also understand the instrumentation needed for any orbital surgery. The key to safe surgery is good surgical exposure. Adequate hemostasis needs to be ensured during orbital surgery. Many approaches can be used to gain access to the orbit. The different types of incisions and approaches will be demonstrated. The approaches can be anterior orbitotomy, lateral orbitotomy, transnasal endoscopic approach, transantral approach and transfrontal orbitotomy.