Howard Moskowitz, Harvard PhD in experimental psychology (1969) is founding partner and chief scientific officer of Mind Genomics Advisors. He has published extensively in many fields, using the science of Mind Genomics, which he invented more than 30 years ago. After a distinguished dual career in science and business, he changed course, creating an institute to help younger professionals as well as students and business, benefit from the application of Mind Genomics to practical problems in society, including commerce, health, education, and socal issues. Along with hundreds of scientific papers, he has written/edited 27 published books, with an additional 15 books finished but not yet published.


"Mind Genomics, a new science with old roots, reveals what aspects of the topic are important to people, how people differ in the way they respond to these aspects (mind-sets), messages most effective to drive choice and compliance for each mind-set, and finally how to identify the mind-set of a person on a topic, either throughpersonal interaction (the personal viewpoint identifier), or through scored databases (the digital viewpoint identifier). Mind Genomics is a data-driven approach to understand the world of the everyday. A metaphor is ‘cartography of the mind.’ Knowledge is developed in a pointillist style, from the intimate, profound, comprehensive understanding of specific topics, be these situations (e.g., choosing hospital food), regimens (e.g., adhering to the proper schedule for taking one’s drugs), choosing a service, products (e.g., a selecting a hospital in which to give birth), dealing with the ‘customer/patient’ with understanding (e.g., interacting with a teen age patient), etc.. We present the Mind Genomics approach, first in theory, and then in practical applications, showing how messaging can drive potential increases in adherence after discharge from the hospital, as well as better messaging to encourage colonoscopy, and finally messaging to convince the public that one’s hospital is a better place in which to ‘give birth. "