Huda Alyami

Huda Alyami

Dr. Sulaiman AL Habib Medical Group | Saudi Arabia

Title: Deaf or hard of hearing children in Saudi Arabia: Status of early intervention services


Huda Mubarak Alyami has been Graduated from university of King Saud in Saudi Arabia, Department of speec-language pathology and audiology as speech and hearing specialist, with the specialties including speech and hearing disorder. After that I worked as a speech pathologist for three years in an international school for special needs children. Then I got a Diploma in hospital administration from the Institute of Public Administration in Riyadh, Saudia Arabia. Later on I obtained  Master degree by research from University  of Pretoria in South Africa with subjects Communication Pathology where I have continued My research. Presently I am working at Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Medical Group as a speech pathologist.


This study aims to determine the status of early intervention (EI) services provided to children who are deaf or hard of hearing (DFHH) and their parents/caregivers from birth to five years of age at two main state hospitals in Riyadh Saudia Arabia. A questionnaire were conducted with 60 participants from two main state hospitals where early detection and intervention services are provided. The aim of this presentation is to summarize the status of early intervention services in  Saudi Arabia in comparison  with EI services provided in any developed country such as; USA, and developing countries such as; South Africa, Negeria, Turky. In addition, the reasons behind a substantial late age of diagnosis, initial hearing aids fitting and enrolment into early intervention services, as well as the most important determinants and health consequences for DFHH children living in suburban areas in Saudi Arabia. The participants' children were diagnosed at substantial late age, resulting in delayed ages for initial hearing aids fitting and enrollment  into EI services.A significant relationship was found between the residential area of the participants and timely access of early intervention services. The results indicated that participants who residing in Riyadh were fitted with hearing aids and enrolled into EI services earlier than those living outside Riyadh. The delivery of information also emerged as weakness in the EI system for the majority of participants.