Hydelene B. Dominguez

Hydelene B. Dominguez

SLU-Hospital of the Sacred Heart, Philippines

Title: Merkel Cell Carcinoma in an 82-year-old Filipino Male: A Case Report and Literature Review


Hydelene B Dominguez has completed his Doctor of Medicine from School of Medicine, Saint Louis University, Philippines. She is currently a Resident Physician at the Department of Internal Medicine at SLU-Hospital of the Sacred Heart, Baguio City, Philippines.



Merkel Cell Carcinoma (MCC) is an uncommon, highly aggressive skin malignancy that develops usually in sun-exposed areas, most common on the head and neck area (55%). MCC is mainly a malignancy of UV exposed and fair skinned elderly Caucasians. We report the case of an 82 year old Filipino male who presented with progressive left leg swelling with multiple nodules of varying sizes. The nodules were excised and pathologic diagnosis revealed MCC. The patient underwent chemotherapy however expired due to acute respiratory failure type 1 secondary to acute kidney injury as a complication of tumor lysis syndrome. MCC carries a poor prognosis hence early detection is warranted and vital for patient’s survival.