Ibrahim M Metwally

Ibrahim M Metwally

Zagazig University, Egypt

Title: Earth contraction and global Earth temperatures


Ibrahim M Metwally is a Registered Consultant Engineer, who completed his master and PhD from CSU, USA in 1985 and 1990 respectively. He is a top-notch and innovative leader with more than 30 years in higher education and industrial sectors, dynamic leader and team builder, consistently motivating others towards success, persistent and flexible approach to the mutually beneficial achievement of work plans and personal goals of staff, and creative problem solving and first-class analytical skills. He has extensive original research in civil engineering (35 Published Papers) with 7 new theories in soil liquefaction and earth science, more than 20 TV programs, with outstanding productivity both as a civil engineering consultant and as a Professor, and high capability of handling complex and difficult problems and situations. He has high personal integrity, and is able to relate to and create trust in others with different cultural backgrounds.


Volcanism outcomes themselves may have a minor effect on global earth atmosphere. However, Volcanism activities have a great indirect influence on global earth temperature, through its effect on earth size and its orbit around the sun. Within the framework of continuum mechanics, this paper presents the effect of volcanism activities on earth size that can be driven mathematically and proof earth contraction. This contraction is the major contributors for global earth temperature changes, as contraction changes both the distance of earth to sun and the inclination angel of sun rays on earth. A hundred million cubic kilometers of volcano outcomes would decrease the radius of earth by less than 2 km approximately. As the volcanoes outcomes increase gradually, contraction accumulates gradually over time to be significant. That would result in very slowly but continuous changes in the position of the earth relative to the sun that has the most dominating influence on the changing climate of earth. The paper discusses the relationship between volcanoes outcomes and global earth temperature changes.