Itsara Boonyarit is a Lecturer in the Department of Psychology and Postgraduate Committee in Master of Science program in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Faculty of Humanities, Chiang Mai University, Thailand. His research interests include occupational health and well-being at work, positive organizational behavior, workplace forgiveness, and psychometrics in applied settings.


The dysfunctional effects of two types of work attendance behaviours (i.e. presenteeism and absenteeism) were largely on both individual and organizational outcomes. Occupational health psychologists mentioned that these may be caused by high job-demand and stress at work. This study employed the psychosocial safety climate theory (PSC) to understand the linkage between work stress and work attendance behaviours. It was proposed that PSC would alleviate the effect of work stress on presenteeism and absenteeism. Data were collected from 280 nurses working in several hospitals located in northern Thailand. Using moderated regression analysis, the results revealed that PSC moderated the positive effects of work stress on both presenteeism and absenteeism. This suggests that PSC could play as a buffer role against the detrimental impact of work stress on work attendance behaviors. PSC implications for organizational development to manage work attendance behaviours, reduce psychological stress, and increase productivity were discussed.