J C Jones

J C Jones

Kazakh-British Technical University, Kazakhstan

Title: Energy-return-on-energy-invested : Part 2


J.C. Jones holds the blue ribbon degree of Doctor of Science from the University of Leeds, from which he also obtained a BSc and a PhD. He worked in Australia for over seventeen years, latterly at the University of New South Wales. He has over 700 publications including fifteen books. He also has extensive broadcasting experience having, for example, recently spoken on Marketplace about the Keystone pipeline. The trip to San Antonio will be his twelfth visit to the USA.


The paper will follow naturally from the previous one by the same author on this topic which has led to a blog in which some of the points have been challenged. The paper in Las Vegas will take note of such comments but will not be a mere rebuttal of them; that would not make for a satisfactory conference paper. Rather, points raised in the blog will be re-examined for what, when properly understood and analysed, they add to the earlier work on EROEI. Finally the remarkable assertion in the blog that EROEI is actually an entropy balance will by some very simple thermodynamics be dispelled.

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