Jaewook Jeong is Country Manager of Singapore at SEN Engineering Group. He has received his PhD from Architectural Engineering at Yonsei University. As a Professional Engineer, he had worked for Kolon Global Corporation in South Korea and he, as a Researcher, also have published several SCI(E) papers about productivity and sustainability on construction industry.


Off-site construction methods such as prefabrication method have been developed to improve productivity in construction and to reduce cost. SEN Engineering Group, a Korea-based structural productivity solution provider, introduces new productivity enhancing construction methodologies, including the Form Prefab Steel Reinforced Concrete (F-PSRC) column and Thin Steel Concrete beam system. This system can dramatically augment on-site productivity by reducing or eliminating the usage of temporary scaffolding works and form-works. The F-PSRC column and TSC beam system has been successfully applied in more than 50 projects in Korea, especially in those involving super-fast-track IT industry factories and offices. In terms of productivity, it was identified through the previous study that F-PSRC columns technology was 42.45% more productive than the conventional SRC columns without increasing of overall cost including fabrication and on-site construction. And now this system is about to be introduced in Singapore through a large-scale inland container deposit project. This system focuses to enhance productivity on site by reducing temporary on-site works and pursuing factory prefabrication. Hence, it is imperative that those in the industry learn about how the F-PSRC column and TSC beam system practices and design are able to shorten the construction periods of projects.