Jaffe Eliezer

Jaffe Eliezer

Haifa University, Israel

Title: Wisdom of the crowd in saving lives


Eli Jaffe is the Director of Training, PR, Volunteer Activities, Marketing and International Relations Division, of the Israeli national EMS organization Magen David Adom. He has published books and articles and is an authority in the fields of emergency medicine and medical management, and is also one of the leading researchers in Israel in the field of volunteers and the prevention of PTSD. Dr. Jaffe is a well-known lecturer in the Israeli universities.


How can EMS (Emergency Medical Services) be anywhere at any time? In medical emergencies, time is crucial, the ideal situation is to have ambulances right next to the event. Due to limitations, this ideal situation cannot be reached. Recruiting available resources such as trained personnel in the society and social media that are available to save lives. The actions that can be taken to exploit the wisdom of the crowd in saving lives even before the ambulance arrives.

“Life Guardians”- Project. Harnessing resources available in the population who have medical training. Doctors, nurses, paramedics, and first aid providers who do not belong to MDA (Magen David Adom- Israel National EMS). The advantages are: Resources available in the community. Power multiplier, availability to react quickly and everywhere in collaboration even without belonging to the organization. Base of Volunteers & Standby Medics. All you need is medical training, an application, and basic equipment.

Social Media: Today, drivers use apps such as "Waze" when they drive. They report road accidents. The advantage is clear - a quick and precise location on long roads. Saving valuable time in locating an accident and thus causing quick care which will inevitably save lives.

Designated apps such as "MyMDA". In every emergency dispatch in the world, the dispatchers are blind. They can talk and hear, but they can’t see. This is the first time in the world that the dispatchers can see the scene before the ambulance arrives. MyMDA can relay users’ location, medical info and video from scene to dispatchers