Jai Sung NOH

Jai Sung NOH

Ajou University School of Medicine, Korea

Title: The effects of the location of a bed in a ward on the length of stay


Jai Sung NOH has completed his Medical Education from Yonsei University and Psychiatry residency training in Severance hospital in South Korea. He is the Head of department of Psychiatry at Ajou University in South Korea. He has published many scientific papers on biological psychiatry. Recently, he is focusing on the big data analysis using EMR data from clinical work.


Hospitals generate tons of data about patients, and theses massive medical data have been accumulated and computerized. However, their vast size and complexity leave them as big data, being unable to deal with preexisting software or hardware. This medical data could contribute to better treatment once its association or pattern has been found. Through analyzed medical data, traditional knowledge at an individual level could be further verified at a population level. Based on the electronic medical record (EMR) data accumulated for 15 years, this study was sought into the differences in the length of stay in hospital depending on the location of beds. For 15 years of time period, among the patients who had hospitalized in 6 bedded wards, there were 39,932 patients with beds near the window and 47,419 patients with beds near the door. The mean of the LOS of the patients near the window (5.9±6.6 days) was shorter than that of those near the door (6.6±6.8 days, p<0.01). This study further speculates that medical data could be used for an evidence-based design.