Jarrod Eaton is a senior undergraduate student who will be graduating from Saginaw Valley State University located in Michigan this upcoming May of 2017. Eaton has been a part of several research projects during his undergraduate career. Meanwhile, he has also served a term as the student body president at SVSU. Eaton plans to attend graduate school in the Fall of 2017 to pursue a Master’s Degree in Global Health Epidemiology. He will then go on to pursue a career working as an epidemiologist with organizations such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization.


A majority of college students receive the influenza vaccination at a significantly lower rate than do other demographic groups. Due to highly populated environments on college campuses, college students are more susceptible to contracting influenza and participating in the spread of disease. Influenza vaccination is an effective method to minimizing this increase in risk. However, in spite of this, low rates of college students receive yearly vaccination. Therefore, understanding the correlation between determinants and influenza vaccination rate disparities among college students is necessary in order to determine future methods of addressing such rates in order to help prevent future spread of disease within a particular population. A literature review will be conducted to identify potential determinants that may play a role in influenza vaccination rate disparities among college students such as level of
parental education, household income, and employment status. A questionnaire will then be compiled to include basic demographical information, as well as questions related to the determinants identified in the literature review. A random sample of college students (n=400) will then be recruited to participate and complete the questionnaire. It will be dispersed using the following methods:

1. University resources such as email lists
2. Online forums of communication
3. In person contacts

Findings will then be analyzed to distinguish the level correlation among determinants related to influenza vaccination rates among college students.