Jee Shum and Frederick Husher have pursed and refi ned the development of the PRS for more than a decade and they have successfully resolved many technology challenges including covalent  dhesive slide coatings supporting both tissue and proteins, non-staining label paint, bio-target printing, and bio-target fabrication. A joint  venture with the Hong Kong Productivity Council, to co-develop the production technology, will bring the PRS into commercial reality to benefi t global health.


The Process Record Slide (PRS) records the Immuno Histo Chemical (IHC) stain processing experience of a co-resident patient tissue section using arrays of stain reagent detection targets. Both experience all the IHC processing from tissue capture to the application of the cover slip: tissue capture, drying, deparaffi nation, antigen retrieval, primary antibody, and secondary amplifi cation processing. Because the PRS targets are comprised of known reactivity concentrations to the stain reagents, an objective measure that is unique to that slide now exists remaining forever co-resident with the tissue section. Th e result is a captured effi cacy record of the antigen recovery, stain reagents, and the processing technology. Th e PRS targets can be used with digital imaging to quantify the IHC processing upon the tissue section using the reference scales developed from the targets. Th e reference scales can be used for objective determination of antigen density in the tissue and QC reporting of the process. Additionally, utilizing the reference scales, the tissue section image presentation can be normalized to a preferred basis upon which optimal diagnostic determination can be achieved. Tele-diagnostics and second opinion are also possible since the unique processing experience is recorded. Others have attempted to produce control slides but have all failed in meeting the constraints of mass production at an aff ordable price. Th us, only with the development of a new slide coating that meets the covalent binding needs of target & tissue, target printing technology, and production automation, can the goals be satisfi ed. PRS technologies satisfi es these goals.

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