Jeffrey P Harrison

Jeffrey P Harrison

University of North Florida, USA

Title: Hospice and palliative care: A partnership across the continuum of care


Jeffrey P Harrison PhD, MBA, MHA is Chair of the Department of Public Health at the University of North Florida. He received his PhD in Health Services Research from VCU, his MBA from William and Mary and his MHA from the Medical College of Virginia. He is a Professor in Health Administration and teaches Strategic Planning. He has twenty-five years’ experience in health care and is an international speaker on a wide range of topics. He has published extensively in the areas of Strategic Planning, Change Management, and Healthcare Technology. He has authored thirty nine professional articles and three book chapters. In 2015, he completed the second edition of his book: “Essentials of Strategic Planning in Healthcare” published by Health Administration Press. He is a Certified Healthcare Executive and a Fellow in the American College of Healthcare Executives. He was selected one of the “Top 100 Health Administration Professors”, in 2013.


In the United States, the population aged 65 or older is projected to increase from 12.4% in 2000 to 19.6% in 2030, or from 35 million to 71 million people. Additionally, those aged 80 or older is expected to increase from 9.3 million in 2000 to 19.5 million in 2030. These growing elderly populations frequently have multiple chronic diseases and will participate in end-of life programs. Hospice and other palliative care providers have multidisciplinary teams working together to provide care. The goals of palliative care are to improve the quality of a seriously ill person’s life and to support that person and their family during and after treatment. Both believe informed patients and families should be encouraged to participate in their plan of care throughout their illness. Given recent changes in the healthcare model, both Hospice and Palliative Care have become a partnership across the Continuum of Care which includes hospitals, outpatient services, home health and post-acute care. This session will incorporate the latest research in Hospice and Palliative as we address the need for partnerships across the Continuum of Care. Specifically, we will discuss the prevalence of hospice and palliative care programs across the continuum of health services. The growth of these programs requires the creation of collaborative relationships between researchers, clinicians and healthcare leadership as process-focused care continues to develop. Our research will show how both facilitate innovation across the continuum of healthcare practice and are a cost effective approach to improving EOL healthcare quality.

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