Jerome Ofato

Jimma University, Ethiopia

Title: Traditional Youth Hangout Places Contribution to Risky Sexual Behaviour


Jerome Ofato has done masters in Public Health in Jimma University


Background:A substantial proportion of the adult and youth population are engaged in risky sexual behavior. The potential negative outcomes of young people practicing unsafe sexual practices are contracting STIs including HIV. Studies conducted in Ethiopia on risky sexual behavior show a gap and the need for urgent comprehensive health education as an intervention method .In Gambella region Ethiopia, HIV prevalence is four times higher than the national rate andthe region is characterized by a relatively higher magnitude of risky sexual behavior than any other region. Method: The study was conducted in Gambella town Ethiopia. A grounded theory research design was used to attain the objective.Data was collected by an in-depth interview for 10 individuals from those youth that participate in thesehangout places and participant observation was also held for 23 days. The sample consisted of youth that attend this event until data was saturated with relevant information.Ethical considerations were addressed by ethical clearance paper, anonymity, confidentiality and voluntary participation. Results: Findings from the study show that risky sexual activities are being held in these youth hangout places. The risky sexual activities held included multiple sexual partnerships, trans-generational sex, intercourse with a stranger, transactional sex and no/inconsistent condom use. Conclusion: Participants in the study confirmed that risky sexual activities are being held in this youth hangout places .Activities associated with risky sexual behavior have been uncovered in this research project and these activities may contribute to the spread of HIV infection in the region. Recommendation:The researcher recommends the city administration and the regional health bureau to intervene on these traditional youth hangout places by offering education on safe sex and offering condoms at these places.