Jessica Ho

Jessica Ho

Central Queensland University, Australia

Title: The Consumerisation Of Healthcare Data In Australiaa


Jessica Ho is currently finishing her PhD thesis - 'Building an Australian Health Interoperability Framework' with Central Queensland University. She is currently working in the Australian Government, as the CIO for Australian Financial Security Authority. She is an experienced IT executive with extensive background delivering large and complex programs in change and digital transformation agenda. She has published a number of papers and co-authored books in the field of health informatics.


Consumerisation of healthcare data is an inescapable growing trend worldwide. With the evolution of technology, the availability and increased affordability of new health gadgets, health care consumers are consuming these devices and applications in drove. Data, in particular health data are swapped, exchanged, saved in memory, saved in cloud, within a number of different platforms, standards, ready to be manipulated, shared, uploaded in other social media spaces. Health care consumers are increasingly taking an active role in their care experience and are evermore empowered to choose their own care alternatives, consulting with "Dr. Google", easily available health information and their social circles. Today's patients are used to having mobile tools at their fingertips to access and manage information anywhere, anytime. There is a greater expectation for personalised experience in healthcare. The implementation of Australia current e-Health agenda may not be sufficient in keeping up with the demand from health care consumer. This paper aims to examine the economic impact of the consumer health care technology evolution and the opportunities it will bring in lowering the cost of care and improving current state of health funding, most importantly, the improvements to the overall health outcomes and wellbeing of health consumers.