Jesús Garcia-Martínez completed his PhD at the University of Valencia in 1992. He works at the University of Seville since 1991 and obtained the place of tenured professor in 2002. He is an accredited therapist and supervisor of the Spanish Association of Cognitive Psychotherapies. His field of research is focused in the treatment of victims and aggressors and in the narratives of change. He has published 15 papers in reputed journals and has presented more than 200 communications in international congress and conferences.


Victims of social violence are characterized by a set of symptoms (low self-esteem, anxiety, in some case post-traumatic manifestations) and too by a set of narrative construction processes (absence of empowerment, fragmentation, low coherence). Therapy is usually oriented to de-construe this kind of discourse and making meaning about his/her skills and capacities in order to get a more personal and empowered narrative. Victimization narratives usually too incorporate a lot of meanings from social forms of control (minus-valuation, believes about the other’s adequacy and a lack of personal sense). This kind of narratives is found too in persons who suffer from psychotic disorders, including when they are in a no-symptomatic or acute phase. Stigma (the self-believe about the own incompetence) is incorporated in the personal narrative in a similar way to victimization process. In this paper, two clinical vignettes are presented to describe the similarities between the two cases and to illustrate similar therapeutic processes to empower both kinds of clients

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