Dr. S.Jeyaparavathi has completed her PhD in Zoology, Manonmaniam Sundaranar University and post-doctoral research at MKU, Madurai. She joined LDC, Madurai as an Assistant Professor in 2013. She has published more than 26 papers in reputed journals.


Biomarkers for the early diagnosis of patients with acute and chronic pancreatitis (AP/CP) are needed to improve prognosis. To describe differences in microRNA expression in whole blood between patients with pancreatitis, acute and chronic pancreatitis with healthy participants and to identify panels of microRNAs for use in diagnosis of pancreatitis compared with acute and chronic compare with healthy controls. DESIGN, SETTING, AND PARTICIPANTS Differentially expressed miRNAs were validated in a larger cohort of patients and controls. The total RNA were collected from the patients’ blood serum and analyzed in 3 randomly determined different cohorts: discovery of large cohort (120 patients) with pancreatitis acute/ chronic pancreatitis compare with healthy controls. miRNAs were screened in the discovery cohort and novel microRNAs in the training cohort and other microRNAs in the validation. This study identified early diagnostic microRNA panels in blood serum samples that can be able to distinguish, to a certain grade of the AP.

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