Jie Bao is an Associate Professor in the Electronic Engineering Department of Tsinghua University. Before joining Tsinghua, he graduated with a PhD degree from Brown University and carried out his Post-doc research at MIT. He is a member of the National 1000 Plan Professorship Program in China, and was awarded with ‘10 Emerging Star Scientists in China’ in 2015.


Speaking of quantum dots, the first thing that comes to mind is probably their most distinctive and characteristic property-that their band gaps, thus colors, can be continuously and finely tuned over a wide range. This property gives rise to a large pool of countless number of materials, which all share very similar natures and properties. In this speech, I will talk about how such a unique property is being exploited by the invention of the quantum dot spectrometer, and how we envision a ubiquitous sensing toolbox emerging out from a nano dot.