Jingtian Li

Jingtian Li

University of the Incarnate Word, USA

Title: Simplify anatomy for character modeling


Jingtian Li is an individual 3D Character Artist and Animator, he is also Assistant Professor of 3D Animation & Game Design ( in the School of Media & Design at the University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio. He also have been working in a variety of animation studios like Beijing Daysview Digital Image Co, Passion Picture NYC. He holds an MFA in Computer Animation form School of Visual Arts in New York City, and also a BFA of Digital Media from China Central Academy of Fine Arts.


Character modelling is one of the most popular field in the 3D animation and game industry, most of the students consider being a character artist as their career, but few students can really overcome all the difficulties of character creation process and really reach the professional level. Anatomy is one of difficult skill we have to help the students to master, this presentation introduces a way of using big shapes and planes instead of complex muscle and their names to help students understand anatomy on the big scale, and gradually move on into smaller shapes and planes, exploring ways of helping students to learn to observe and understand shapes of any unknown kind and recreate them in 3D, train their mind to simplity complex objects into easy and manageable primary shapes, help them to control detail rather than being overwhelmed, eventually, train their eye to quickly recognize the characteristic of any shape and able to easily recreate it in 3D with out struggles of trying to figure out what is wrong blindly.

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