John A Soderquist

John A Soderquist

University of Puerto Rico, USA

Title: Asymmetric organoborane conversions via the amazing 9 borabicyclo [3.3.2]decanes


John A Soderquist completed his PhD in 1977 from the University of Colorado under the direction of Alfred Hassner. From 1977-79, he was a Post-doctoral scholar under the direction of Nobel Laureate, Herbert C Brown at Purdue University. His independent research career began at the University of San Francisco in 1979, where he became Associate Professor and Department Chairman before moving to the University of Puerto Rico in 1983. Since 1988, he has been a Full Professor of Chemistry, publishing nearly 140 articles, contributing over 400 research presentations to scientific meetings and universities world-wide and directing the thesis studies of nearly 30 PhD students. He has served as a technical consultant for several chemical and pharmaceutical companies.


The stereoselective addition of reagents containing the chiral 10-substituted-9-borabicyclo[3.3.2] decane (BBD) moiety to aldehydes, ketones, aldimines and ketimines will be described. The rigid and robust nature of these systems permits a wide variety of organoborane conversions to not only be conducted in a highly enantioselective manner, but also, it facilitates the recovery of the chiral borane by-product which can be recycled through simple operations. Moreover, numerous chemical conversions can be performed on these organoboranes providing remarkable new reagents for organic synthesis. The origin of the observed selectivities will be presented and discussed in terms of the compact chiral reaction centers provided by the BBD systems.