Jorge Ivan Gaviria

Jorge Ivan Gaviria

Miami Beach Hair Institute,USA

Title: Men & Women Transplant: A permanent solution


Diplomate of the A.B.H.R.S. Completed two accredited fellowship programs in Hair Restoration, both with physicians: Dr. Walter Unger from New York City, Toronto, CA., and Dr. Matt Leavitt, from Orlando, Florida. He brings a research background to his artistic craft. He is a principal investigator and has authored several protocols on the topics of: Evidence Based Medicine, Donor Site Closure, Dense Packing, FUE, Survival Rates and Digital Medical Hair. His most well known is his study on Trichophytic Closures. This closure procedure creates a non visible scar. Dr. Gaviria is licensed to practice in Barcelona, Colombia, Puerto Rico and actually practices Hair restoration surgery in Miami Beach, Florida. Dr. Gaviria offers ethical assessment of a patient's treatment options, exceptional surgical skills, and keen aesthetic sense in hair transplant design.


1. Introduction - Hair Transplantation is a new profession in the history of medicine. Hair loss is the result of one's genetic makeup. The hair loss gene can be inherited from your mother's or father's side of the family. The leading cause of hair loss in men is male pattern baldness or Androgenetic Alopecia. Hair loss in women is also related to genetics, hormones and age. 2. Objective - The aim of my presentation is to show state of the art techniques in hair transplant surgery, and offer some tips in the practice of hair restoration 3. Materials and/or Methods - Strip harvesting and FUE are both acceptable techniques for harvesting donor grafts. Each technique has advantages and disadvantages. On a cost-benefit ratio strip harvesting would seem to provide the most cost effective procedure. FUE is well suited for patients who insist on not having a linear scar. 4. Discussion/Results-Technical and aesthetic components of performing hair transplant surgery will be discusses, in order to produce consistently good results. How to customize every patient's case, different options and planification. 5.Conclusion-Aside from hair transplantation surgery, there aren't any other permanent hair loss remedies. Over-the-counter medication (Propecia, Rogaine)brings temporary-and only work for as long as you take the medication.