Juan Manuel Navarrete was Born in Mexico City, Mexico, February 25th, 1933. Chemical Engineer (1958) and Licensed in Human Philosophy (1968) from the National University of Mexico. Postgraduate Diploma in Radiochemistry (1965) from Leicester College of Technology, with British Council ´s scholarship. Docteur en Chimie (1992) from Paris VI University, Pierre et Marie Curie, with Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique´s scholarship. Professor in the Faculty of Chemistry, National University of Mexico, since 1967. Member of the National System of Researchers since 1982. 115 published articles in scientific international journals. 5 book´s chapters. 2 books written in Spanish. Married since 1967. Three sons and four granddaughters.


Fulvi H is one fulvic acid authorized to be sold in Mexico fi rst as soil fertilizer, and second as animal dietary supplement, in view of empirical results related mainly to prevent epidemic viral infections in poultry, cattle and pigs. So, it was found that it greatly enhance electrolytes absorption from soil to vegetables,1,2, and in mice and rats it also provokes much better fi ltration of electrolytes from digestive track to blood, and then by kidneys to urine, which has been proved by using radiolabeled 32PO43-, 45Ca2+, 131I (mainly fi xed in thyroid) and 59Fe3+ (mainly fi xed in red cells). But this primary eff ect is followed by substantial promotion in their immune system, for the most part IgG and proportionally IgT, measured by Elisa method and refractometry.3,4,5 Now, Fulvi H has been authorized in Mexico as human dietary supplement, but the general conclusion seems to be that in the same way that fulvic acids from humic substances are essential for vegetables development, they also show good empirical and experimental results to prevent and maybe to treat epidemic viral infections in breeding animals, and therefore they might be very useful for treatment of human viral infections as serious as herpes Zoster, aids, hepatitis C and ebola, in view of the results obtained by immune system of mice and rats, and in spite of tremendous diffi culties presented today by medical protocols.

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