Jules Clement Assob

Jules Clement Assob

University of Buea, Cameroon

Title: The importance of clinical trials in multi-drug therapeutic protocols


Dr. Jules Clement Nguedia Assob completed his PhD in Medical Biochemistry at the age of 31 years from the University of Yaoundé I in Cameroon. He is the Head of Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences of the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Buea. He has published over 70 papers in reputed journals and serving as Editorial Board member in many journals. He is the Treasurer of the Cameroon Society for Toxicological Sciences and a fellow of the International Foundation for Sciences since 2007. His fields of research are: Chemotherapy of infectious diseases; clinical biochemistry and Public health.


Clinical trials are experiments done in clinical research. Such prospective biomedical or behavioral research studies on human participants are designed to answer specific questions about biomedical or behavioral interventions, including new treatments (such as novel vaccines, drugs, dietary choices, dietary supplements, and medical devices) and known interventions that warrant further study and comparison. Clinical trials generate data on safety and efficacy. Clinical trials are usually done on single products like antibiotics and antiretroviral drugs ; the combination of drugs in several therapeutics protocols like in Highly Active Anti-Retroviral drugs; anti-tuberculosis regimens and in the treatment of pathologies due to multidrug resistance germs are not usually considered. Various studies have shown that although individual compounds proven to be safe at clinical trials level tend to present adverse effects when introduce in therapeutic regimens involving more than one drug. The rationalization of the new strategies, however, requires great efforts in: standardization of mono- and multi-drugs preparations using all available high-tech methods. This paper presents present results of our various works on the “Incidence and Risk Factors of Anti-tuberculosis Drugs Induced Hepatotoxicity in HIV/AIDS Patients” and “on the “Variation of CD4+T-Lymphocyte Counts and Transaminases in HIV and HIV/HBV Co-infected Patients” advocating for prior clinical trials in similar diseases conditions.