Jun Wang

Jun Wang

Duke University School of Medicine, USA

Title: Biosimilar in pharmerging markets


Jun Wang is a chancellor scholar of Duke University and a Ph.D. student majored in Pharmacology and Cancer Biology. Her research is focusing on two areas: (1) tyrosine kinase inhibitors and oncology study (2) regulatory requirement of the assessment of biosimilar products. She combines her biotechnology background with keen interest in the assessment of biosimilar products. She has involved in several research projects and published papers in this field.


Recently, the expiration of patents for a number of blockbuster biologics in EU and US has ushered in an era of the subsequent production of biosimilar products, which might contribute to increased access to these products at an affordable price. However, biopharma sales in these major markets will grow slowly during the next ten years and global pharmaceutical industry is turning to emerging markets such as China, India, Brazil, and Russia for growth and profitability. This presentation will review the patent protections of some blockbuster biologics in pharmerging markets and the potential advantages and obstacles of developing biosimilars in these emerging market.

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