Jung Sun Beijsens

Jung Sun Beijsens

University of applied science, Netherlands

Title: kaizen retail marketing: think improving and act agile


Jung Sun’s added value to retailers is to PEP things up. She has worked for several decades in Dutch Retail for (inter)national retail chains as, C&A, Ahold, V&D, Action and Praxis. She works as freelancer under the name ‘PeP’ for different retailers and adding direct value by analyzing the situation, gets to the bottom core problem or challenge, makes a plan (executive, tactic, strategic level, which is necessary), solves the situation or takes care of the situation and then goes to the next retailer. This experience is very valuable due to the variance of companies, visionary thinking and handling things.


Retail marketing in the Netherlands needs to be changing all the time as polarization is becoming more and more the trend. Consumers are looking for authentic products (not brands) but are using digital channels to find them. In one household, you can find a 3D-printer on one hand, and groceries from the authentic bakery / biological butcher or greenery on the other hand. Retailers need to be up to speed with the digital era, but observation learns that there are local consumers who are in need of differentiation in price/product and promotion. Due to cultural background or economic situation or any other reason in life. How can you survive as retailer? By thinking the kaizen way and if you are really up to it: organize yourself agile. And that, without loosing your own identity to what the consumer can recognize you, your brand, your company, services and products. This all is thinking on a higher level than being online or offline, omnichannel or not. Combine the bricks and clicks into a 360 degree marketing / media approach is conditional and should not be the challenge anymore. Just do that. The challenge is how to be kaizen.

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