Kadiievska Iryna engaged in Internet Marketing for more than 3 years, graduated from courses "Seo-optimization", "Internet Marketing", "Design and layout of sites," visited 20+ specialized seminars and conferences. She worked with online shops, browser game, landing pages, city portals and corporate sites.


Most developers ignore SEO-optimization, because the client, as a rule, is only able to assess the visual component: the layout, display in the browser, attractive design. If the client does not specify the desirable SEO-optimization beforehand, he is likely to get a web site, which for various reasons will never get in the top-10, top-20 or even top-30. Hiring SEO-professionals at this point leads to new major expenses, including extra charge for every slightest modification made by the programmer. Thus, SEO-optimization and promotion will take up a monthly budget equal to half of the actual price of the site.If you think in advance about several important components and include them into the web site structure at the stage of development, regularly posting useful content afterwards, Google will soon take you to the top without any extra effort. In the report, I will speak about 7 (and even more) important points that have to be considered for the Technical Assignment for the web developer, no matter how reluctant he might seem. We will discuss the ways of saving time of your SMM specialist with Open Graf protocol, using Google Tag Manager and becoming independent from programmers, proper pagination, optimization of files and protection from SQL-injections, as well as many other useful things that web developers do not usually offer.

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