Kadir Genc

Kadir Genc

Valeo Automotive Systems Industry, Turkey

Title: Development of stamping technology in automotive and production speed calculations


Kadir Genc has completed his Mechanical Engineering at the age of 25 years from Zonguldak Karaelmas University and he is a student of Msc on Automotive Engineering at Bursa Uludag University and Business Administration student at Eskisehir Anadolu University now (Double Major Programme). He is Production Supervisor of Valeo, an automotive systems company. He has published this article at a technical university in Turkey due to approvement of impartial technical arbitration tribunal.


Automotive industry has developed rapidly in the last 50 years but before this development; machinery was the most important substructure for this industry. For the centuries, people found new resources for living an easy life but to reach them, transportation was the first degree requirement. So they developed engines to do that. After that they make covers and seats to use it for transportation. In the beginning of this, they used hammers to make covers. Humankind liked this easiness and some people had this vehicles. But it’s not enough to produce this vehicle for everybody. That’s they started to develop machinery and it’s called by ‘press’. This system was enough to give shape to the steels and other components by minimum labor but they saw that big parts need strong transportation. So they developed robots to decrease labor for transportation. By the time robot technology was not enough the reach the production speed they want. So transfer press’s been developed. In this development safety was more important than the speed. So automotive industry started to use more strong steels for production. But cold stamping press was not enough strong to produce that. So they developed hot stamping technology. This research summaries; technology and automation development in manufacturing, their technical details, softwares and their history, safety improvements in all the time, methods on increasing production speed. That’s why some calculations and formulas’ve been created to improve these values. All formulas and calculations’ve been created by this article owner Kadir Genc.

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