Kanittha Rattanakanlaya has her specialty in Surgical Nursing. She has modified hospital flood disaster preparedness instrument based on literature review to best match with Thai context and adopt this instrument to measure flood disaster preparedness among hospitals in the central region of Thailand.



Introduction & Aim: The Thai flood disaster of 2011 has provided impact to various aspects. Hospitals were also hit. The purpose of this study was to propose directions for the improvement and flood disaster preparedness among hospitals in the central region of Thailand.

Method: This study employed explanatory sequential mixed method designs, composed of two phases. In the first phase, survey study had been done among person who were responsible for disaster preparedness of severe, moderate and slight service disruptions in hospitals during the flood disaster in 2011 in the central region of Thailand. The data were analyzed by descriptive statistics. In second phase, semi-structure interviews were conducted with fifteen key informants who were involved in disaster preparedness. The data were analyzed by content analysis.

Result: Twenty-four hospitals had participated in this study. Qualitative findings were used to further explain related issues. The researcher proposed directions for the improvement of hospitals flood disaster preparedness as related to the Ministry of Public Health regarding policy. Hospital experienced severe and moderate service disruption were also suggested to improve aspects of surge capacity, organizing staff/ equipping supply and equipment, exercise and evaluation/ improvement.

Conclusion: The results of this study bring about improvement on hospital flood disaster preparedness to be used to upgrade it in the future.